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The Bridgetown Historical Society Inc. has been the keeper of Bridgetown’s history for many years.​



  • To encourage the study and writing of WA History, in particular of Bridgetown and its surrounding areas

  • To collect, classify and preserve records pertaining to Bridgetown history

  • To share information among members of the Society by readings, discussions, lectures and exhibitions of historical material

  • To promote public support of preservation of historical relics, & recognition of notable anniversaries of WA history

  • To establish and maintain a historical museum(s) in Bridgetown

  • To publish articles/selected records/publications approved by the Society

  • To fund, subsidise, or contribute to, any institution, scholarship or prize, which meets these objectives of the Society

The current collection includes 1000s of historical photographs and 100s of objects and ephemera, some in the Bridgetown Police Station 1880 Museum, the remainder stored in the BHS office at the Yornup School House, Bridgetown. The collection is ever growing as donations are accepted from generous donors in the Shire and beyond.

The Committee and members meet on the second Thursday of every month at 10:00 AM. 

The current committee comprises:

  • Richard Allen - Chair

  • Karen Hill - Vice-Chair

  • Lorie Marshall - Treasurer

  • Leigh Carroll - Secretary

  • Lee Wittenoom

  • Tania Hyde

  • Mary Elgar

  • Barbara Maher


All members are welcome to attend and participate in the committee meetings (you won't have voting rights). The meetings are a friendly get together, with occasional guest speakers.  Members and interested parties will be advised when talks are to be given.

Annual membership fees are $15 for new members and $12 for membership renewals.


Bridgetown Historical Society Inc. has an active Facebook page where information is shared.


Exhibitions are during the year in the Bridgetown Police Station 1880 Museum on a variety of topics, and members of the public are encouraged to attend. School groups, local associations and tour groups are warmly welcomed to each exhibition.

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